Ratatouille (2007) (Movie)
Ratatouille IMDB Rating: 8.1
Released: Jun 29, 2007
Rating: G
Genres: Family,
Sub Genres:
Running Time: 111 minutes
AKA: Untitled (Pixar/Rodent Adventure)
Country: USA
Language: English, French
IMDB Link: Ratatouille on IMDB
Official Site: Official Site
Views: 13,121

Plot: Remy, a provincial rat with a wonderful sense of smell, hates garbage and risks death to enter a human kitchen where he discovers real food and the cooking of five-star chef, Anton Gusteau, author of "Anyone Can Cook." On the day Remy learns his hero has died, he is evicted and ends up alone in Paris. By luck, he discovers Gasteau's restaurant, down to three stars and run by a frozen-food-hawking chef. As Remy enters, so does Linguini, a clumsy youth hired as a garbage boy. To save the soup that Linguini accidentally fouls, Remy throws in some ingredients; the soup is a success and Linguini's career as a chef is born. Can Remy find a way to maintain the fiction and use his gift?

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James Remar
Ian Holm
John Ratzenberger
Brad Garrett
Will Arnett
Janeane Garofalo
Brian Dennehy
Peter O'Toole
Julius Callahan

Directed By:
Brad Bird

Written By:
Brad Bird
Jan Pinkava

Produced By:
Brad Lewis

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World Box Office:
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