Insect Movies
Caved In Caved In
IMDB Rating: 3.5
Released: Jan 7, 2006
Plot: In 1948, a group of miners finds a gallery full of emeralds in a salt mine in Switzerland, but they are attacked by giant black beetles and only one o
Flying Virus Flying Virus
IMDB Rating: 3.3
Released: Dec 31, 2001
Plot: After a series of Amazonian Indian attacks on US owned petroleum installation in Brazil, both governments start a secret 'special program'. In fact co
The Giant Spider Invasion The Giant Spider Invasion
IMDB Rating: 2.8
Released: Dec 30, 1976
Plot: A black hole hits North Wisconsin and opens a door to other dimensions. Giant 15 meter spiders emerge from it, who have an appetite for human flesh! D

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